ex.tra internationale transporte
Michael Oeser
Löxterstraße 20
D-31535 Neustadt/Rübenberge
Fon +49 5073 92101
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ex.tra international transports

We are a small transport company in the Hanover area, specializing in express deliveries of up to 2500 kg to almost all countries within the European Union and the EEA. We also offer cross-over shipments (for example, from France to Bulgaria).

As one of the first (and one of the few existing) express companies we have been offering express deliveries for almost twenty years - primarily to Eastern and Southeastern Europe as well as to Central Asia (particularly the Balkans, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, and the Caucasus).

Our special courses have the advantage not only of direct transportation from the place of loading to the final destination, but also of the cargo being cared for by one and the same driver. We also offer modern communication technology and satellite vehicle tracking throughout each trip.

It goes without saying that we guarantee efficient and conscientious customs brokerage for each and every transport.

As some of the countries mentioned are economically highly ambitious, your company may very well wish to maintain or seek business contacts there, and we gladly offer you our services.

The attached information sheets will give you an overview of all services on offer and of the opportunities they provide. References prove that we have plenty of experience at our disposal.